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Healing Breath

Importance of Breathing

We have been doing breathing since birth and by now must be an expert in it. In fact in the past 24 hours we will have breathed in and out about 200,000 times. It has been well accepted by many traditional cultures that proper breathing techniques bring about many benefits :

 Reduce anxiety
 Promote a sense of calm
 Avert panic
 Cope with emotional difficulties, pain and stress.
 Improve concentration
 Induce sound sleep
 Combat fatigue
 Increase energy and stamina

What is Breath ?

In many traditional cultures, breath is envisioned as a direct manifestation of spirit. It is the subtle energy of the spirit that “enlivens” us, and we receive this subtle energy by breathing it in or having it breathed into us from above. Terms such as the prana (India), pneuma (Greece), lung (Tibet), mana (Hawaii), baraka (Islam), and chi (China) are just a few of the many names of this higher life force upon which we are said to depend. In a lifetime you will have taken more than half a billion breaths. Any activity done this often must surely have a significant impact on your level of functioning.

There is close relationship between breathing and mental states. We talk about being breathless with excitement or holding our breath in anticipation or awe. We indicate wonderment at a spectacular scene by describing it as breathtaking. And when we’re ready to move forward again, after a period of exhaustion, we call it getting a ‘second wind’. Changes in feelings, especially if they are intense, are reflected in patterns of breathing, profoundly affecting the smooth, continuous flow of the breath. Fear produces fast, shallow breathing. Anger results in short, quick inhalations and strong, rapid exhalations. In anxious states, breathing is also fast and sometimes irregular. Grief produces a characteristic sob and relief brings a sigh. Pain often causes a holding of the breath. Feelings such as joy, love and forgiveness induce slow, smooth, even breathings and a general sense of peace and well-being. Because the relationship between breath and mind is reciprocal, we can create a change in our emotional state by consciously altering our pattern of breathing.

Healing Breath

  1. Sit upright with your palms facing upwards resting on your thighs.
  2. You might want to close you eyes so you can relax better.
  3. You are going to breath in through the nose with the tongue touching the upper palate behind the teeth.
  4. Breath in slowly & gently to the count of  four. Visualise fresh healing energy flowing in with your in-breath just below the navel area and rising up the spine to the top of your head. That completes one in-breath.
  5. Without holding the breath, and with the tongue touching downwards, breath out through your mouth with a loud “Ha” sound, slowly and gently to the count of eight. Visualise all the negative energy, pains, worries, stress etc in your body flowing down from the head all the way down the body and releasing out through the feet, and emanating out through the whole body. That completes one out-breath.
  6. Repeat steps 4 & 5 as long as you feel good and comfortable. Stop immediately if you feel dizzy or uncomfortable. The idea of the breathing process is to be deep, continuous, slow, gentle and rhythmic, without straining.
  7. After a while, you might want to stop the "Ha" sound, just silient breathing. Always breathing in through the nose with the tongue touching the upper palate, and breathing out through the nose or slightly through the mouth.
  8. Feel the sensations in your body but without attachment.
  9. As time goes on, you might not even notice you are breathing ! Only awareness of pure being - you and I and the universe are one.
  10. As above, so below. As without, so within.


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