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Reiki Courses


The Reiki courses are taught by Reiki master healer / teacher, Ervin Kow, with special emphasis on the following features :-

 Why these courses are different

  • Special emphasis on Reiki and Qigong breathing techniques to enhance the power and effectiveness of the channelled Reiki energy.

  • Introduction to Chakra energy system with special mantra for toning and balancing the energy centres.

  • Enhanced hand positions to improve healing effectiveness for self and others.

  • Individual or very small group.


Reiki Level I - Shoden  (one whole day or two half days)

In just 1 day or 2 half days, you will learn the following :

  • Receive 4 attunements to open up and connect to the universal Reiki energy and be able to transmit energy.

  • Learn 2 Reiki breathing techniques to channel and transmit energy through the hands.

  • Learn 1 Qigong breathing technique to increase your internal energy level and expand the capacity for channelling Reiki energy.

  • Learn all the traditional hand positions plus special enhancement for healing yourself and others.

  • Introduction to the seven Chakra centres and learn 1 special mantra for Hara toning and balancing.


Reiki Level II - Okuden  (one day intensive course)

In just 1 day, you will learn the following :

  • Receive 3 attunements.

  • Learn 3 Symbols and their Mantras.

  • Learn Reiki breathing techniques.

  • Learn remote healing.

  • Learn Reiki healing techniques.

  • Learn qigong breathing techniques to empower internal energy.

  • Daily practice routine and Healing procedure.


To register your interest, please contact:

Cosmic Energy Healing

Reiki with Qigong power, feel the difference


Training courses on offer (individual or group):

Reiki Level 1 / Shoden - Ability to channel Reiki energy for self-healing and helping others.

Reiki Level 2 / Okuden - More powerful and expanded Reiki energy. Distant healing.

Reiki level 3 / Shinpiden - Master / teacher level. Ability to perform attunement for others.

Qigong Breathing - Various breathing techniques to relieve stress, improve health, turbo charge your energy level.