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" I had been in constant pain for a number of years. Like many nurses, my body was pretty near broken. I had numerous injuries that I acquired from working in Nursing Homes for 20 years. The worst being sciatica, it was so bad at times I wanted to cut my leg off. Some of the therapies I tried were Acupuncture, Chiropractic manipulations, Bowen, Reiki, Remedial Massage, Herbal Medicine, Physiotherapy, Magnets and a T.E.N.S. Machine. All of these worked short term, and literally cost a fortune. When I first saw Ervin I could barely walk, I felt like my whole body was seizing up. After the first treatment I had the best nights sleep I have had in years! I felt so relaxed and comfortable for days. I have been pain free for a month now. Going for walks is no longer a nightmare and I can now enjoy some gardening. To be pain free is the greatest gift one can have. " Maree L. June 2004

" I twisted my lower back while doing heavy lifting and felt severe back pains for the last four days. I went to physio treatment twice with some relief but the pains still remained and I could not bend my back without incurring sharp pain. I decided to try energy healing with obvious doubts in my mind. When Ervin put his fingers on my lower back, I began to feel warmth and tingling. The sensation got stronger, and I felt the heat moving slowly up my back dissipate out of my head and I felt sudden relief and comfort throughout my body. The back pain was gone. I could bend my back and stretch my body without pain. I felt totally relaxed. The healing session took less than an hour. " - George S. Oct 2002

" I had 20min healing yesterday at festival, and wanted to thank you. My usual back pain that occurs every morning, when I wake up, was almost not there. I felt such a difference, but as I told you, having pain for more than a year, I just can't believe it is gone for good. "  Rika May 2003


Some other healing cases

Amy : Tennis elbow - Relieved of pain in six one-hour sessions.

Orlando : Strained his back after lifting heavy object - healed in one session.

Norm : Sciatica - Pain gone after three sessions.

Wu  : Cabinet maker, injured hand - swelling and painful - tried Chinese herbs on hand - very itchy - then tried Western medication - allergic reaction. Pain gone and hand almost back to normal after three sessions.

Georgina - Shoulder and lower back pain, repressed anger. All pains greatly reduced, including period pain, and repressed anger released after two sessions of Time Line therapy and Reiki healing.

Marta - Severe period pain since teenager, repressed emotions, under medication. Period pain greatly reduced after two sessions, no more medication. Very good emotional release during treatment.

Belinda - Severe neck and shoulder pains, under medication. Significant improvement after one session and needs no further treatment.



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